Earthborn Claypaint and Mittens

Well, I did paint.

Even though there are still plenty of cracks in the ceiling,

Even though the fireplace still isn't installed (well, not even bought or picked yet),

Even though there's a bit of plaster patching that isn't complete,

But you've got to start somewhere, and you've got to have somewhere that looks nice.


The ceiling in Earthborn's eco-friendly white Claypaint.
The walls in Mittens from the same company.

Why them? Firstly, it's extremely 'breathable', ideal for a previously damp house. Secondly, it has very few 'nasty' chemicals in it, meaning it should be safer for humans and the environment, and doesn't stink like other paints for days on end (it just has a mild smell of wet clay for a day or so).

The paint is fantastic, although I think I will thin it a little in the future.

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