The red dry lining elephant

Right, so we finally started tackling the dry lining for good. And found a proper, undiscovered, possibly original feature (the writer is careful with 'originals', after the incident with the 'original' fire place surround).

You can spot the feature above Peter's head.

It is an air vent above the door of the cupboard-under-the-stairs (previously maybe a larder).

My theory is that as it was blocked by the dry lining, steam from the kitchen went into the storage cupboard, through the vent, behind the dry lining, and - as it could not go anywhere else - damaged the plaster all around the vent.

Well, we will leave it open, of course.

The plaster-boarded ceiling will remain, as the lath and plaster ceiling behind it is:-

a) Artexed, and this writer does not fancy taking any more off, if it can be avoided
b) damaged - big holes can be seen from under the floorboards in the bedroom above.

So we have decided it is best to patch any damage to the plaster board and leave it as is.

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