Vaillant ecoTEC - A NEW HEART

Hooray - our house has a new heart! A Vaillant ecoTEC plus 831 - a very fine little boiler. Well, not that little, and with an insane number of pipes running up into the house, but it looks like it is 'totally worth it'. We now have decent shower pressure upstairs, the boiler runs quietly, all the radiators are heating up, and we only heat the water that we are using, so we can get rid of all those strange (in a German's eyes) storage tanks - three in total.

This is what the ensemble now looks like.

This was the expansion tank... yuck!

And here is the cold water tank that is still in the loft...

Yuck again!

Oh, and our fancy upright radiator - absolutely fabulous.

Now, we have tackled the 'pink elephant in the corner', which was removing the dry lining from the downstairs loo. That allowed Steve, the plumber, to put all the pipes in their correct places.

They've disconnected and removed the toilet upstairs in order to rearrange the pipework, so he's put a simple close coupled toilet in here. Very 'bijoux', but it works. The floor will be nice eventually, as it's made up of the old quarry tiles, which we will clean up.

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