Autumn fruits (from neighbour's garden)

Slowly, very slowly, we're reclaiming our life.

The kitchen is now basic, but gorgeous, and the heating came just in time to make the autumn weather feel pittoresque, rather than wet.

From the kitchen window, you can just about see the apple tree in a neighbour's garden.

The courgettes and tomatoes are home grown; the beetroots are from one of our neighbours, Bob.

Oh, and the oven looks too good to be true. After some initial problems - it kept kicking out the RCD fuse thingy - it appears to work fine. The fan is a little noisy, but I think we can get that looked at (Britannia are offering an annual 'health check' for the little darling cookers, at a price of course).

We had the temporary floor laid a couple of days ago - vinyl in 'wood laminate look' - hmmm... the tiles will now apparently be ready by mid-December.

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