Work and reward... Selbst ist die Frau!

After an incredible amount of to-ing and fro-ing, which included both of us coming within half an inch (or approximately 13mm) of a nervous breakdown, I have today taken out the door frame between kitchen and dining room.

It was actually incredibly easy, and now looks like this:

The plan is to simply plaster the edges (with corner beads). The opening is great, as it's much wider and more light comes into the dining room. Almost like an open kitchen-diner.

After all that work, I had to do some retail therapy. Below are my finds from the local charity shop:-

1) a mixing bowl (the lower one, in off-white): £1.50

2) two terracotta plates, farmhouse style: £0.75 each

3) two lovely large, painted plates (glazed on top): £4 for the pair.

So far so good!

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