A new arrival

I couldn't resist the urge, and bought another piece of furniture...

It's a piece of 1960s Lebus Link furniture. (Ed. - The firm once boasted the biggest furniture manufacturing site in the world, in Tottenham, north London. There is an excellent website by Mustafa Suleman about the Lebus company, which sprung from a business founded by a Jewish immigrant from Breslau in Germany, now Wroclaw in Poland. Spot a pattern here?)

The shelf inside isn't original, and I'm not sure about the varnish either, but it has good proportions and fits very well behind the dining room table.

I'd seen it in the window of the friendly used furniture shop down the road and watched it for a while. They did have a cute little white table with a drawer as well, but that had gone by the time I finally went in.

Anyway, it was only a tenner, so it now has a new home. :-)

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