Konni sees red (no more!)

Finally - the whole(!) corridor has been painted in Earthborn Claypaint (the colour is called 'Paw Print'), and it looks lovely.

It took a good 5 months from start to finish, as we had to first strip the ceilings (Artex), clean the cornices (with porridge) and sand the walls (they were painted with masonry paint, which had a gritty texture), in order to make the dark red hall and landing disappear under a velvety, soft, nice-smelling layer of 'good old' clay paint.

I'm glad the OH insisted on (me) taking the handrail off our spiral staircase, as it was so much easier to paint, and it came off very easily. It'll probably be a nightmare to put it back on, but we haven't got there yet...

The only thing that's been left red is the tomato crop from our garden (this is probably the penultimate harvest).


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