Bricks, the best of all ladders and a mystery girl...

We now have a wonderful 'Zarges' three-part extension ladder, which was delivered this morning.

I tried it out on the lawn and I am more than impressed with how easy it is to set up. On the right-hand side, below the window, you can also see 200 imperial-size bricks, which we sourced from a reclaim yard in the village of Thurleigh in north Bedfordshire. They'll be used to brick up the outside toilet.

The first task with the ladder was to remove the ugly, military-style floodlight (think German/German border, pre-1989). But before I could go ahead, I had to check whether the darn thing was actually disconnected from the electrics.

To do that, I had to lift a floorboard in the middle bedroom. Under the boards, apart from a lot of rubble (which I hoovered up with our wonderful industrial vacuum cleaner), I found some paper squares.

First I thought they were some kind of residue from sticky tape (the backing, or something), carelessly discarded.

But then I had a closer look:

This looks like a coastline. You can see a lighthouse and entry to a harbour. Through some Photoshopping and Google, we've ascertained (as far as we can) that it is Ramsgate Harbour. Here is a link to an old postcard view of the lighthouse.

This one is harder to make out. It looks like someone standing on a rock or something, maybe a statue?

This seems to show a sailing boat following a military ship...

Then look at this little girl...

She is standing in front of a window. I'm not 100% sure, but it could well be our back window. Note the low window sill.

The girl seems to be standing in the left corner, just where our round step is now. You can see it in the photo below.

If you recognise the coastline, or the figure on the rock, or have any suggestions and ideas about the age of the images, please get in touch. As a reward, I could offer a slice of hazelnut cake....:-)

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