Day stripper - or - Ein Wunder, ein Wunder!

The door in bedroom 2 was so warped, that it didn't close at all.

So we hoped to find a matching door which would be a little straighter than the one that's in.

So far, we've amassed 5 (five!) spare doors, which we've collected from neighbours, skip diving, etc.

One of them was so warped, that we didn't bother taking it upstairs, and instead, left it outside, leaned upright against a wall (which is not a good way to store doors), to eventually make firewood or whatever. So it stood in the rain and frost over the winter.

We put another door in the frame, but it was too big for the opening and would need quite a bit of adjustment to make it fit, , so Konni had another look at the door that we'd left outside.

And, oh wonder: it seems to have straightened itself out all by itself, in the wind and rain... we brought it up and tried it out:

Making the hinges fit the frame, not the other way around (thank you, Matthias).

It seems to fit very well, except in the top right-hand corner where the door is a few millimetres too wide, but that'll be easy to plane down.


So Konni decided to do what she'd been meaning to do since she's first seen this house: strip

And strip...

And strip...

And strip...

And strip...

Three-and-a-half hours later and the door looks wonderful. The paint comes off really easy: it seems that the bottom coat was done with a lot of linseed oil, so that comes off almost fully clean. Just a little more sanding and the door will be too beautiful to paint over again... we have to decide on that one, whether the keep them stripped and just oil them, or whether to give them a nourishing coat of linseed oil paint.

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