Muehsahm naehrt sich das Eichhoernchen...

Not much happening on the home front at the moment. The prospect of having our bathroom re-done completely has made us stiff with angst. Tile angst, vanity cupboard angst, bath-filler-concealed-pipework angst.

So every little thing to keep our minds off making those big decisions is a welcome distraction.

Today: Kitchen Shelves

I've had these stored away in an old suitcase since I moved out of London in 2008. After fretting about what to put above the kitchen worktop for ages, realising that a closed cupboard would take away too much light, these seemed like an obvious solution. Even if it did take me three years to rediscover them.

Ahh. Plenty of space for the stuff that's normally cluttering up the worktop. Let's hope it isn't like road-building schemes, where an extra lane is added to the motorway and so on, only to be clogged up by more cars.  :-)

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