Artemide Tolomeo Basculante Parete on the wall

My birthday present from myself. No, not the guy on the chair, an Artemide lamp. Always wanted one. Just that our dining room isn't an architect's practice (no architect's bureau is without one, just like all architects wear black roll necks), so I was a little worried that it might look out of place. What do you think? It almost makes the OH look like an architect... no?

It was super easy to fix, with three screw holes. No need to chase in wires, as it plugs into a wall socket. 

I went for the slightly yellow paper shade. I think it's called parchment. 

Now we finally have space on our 'winter table'* to place things like plates... and a bunch of roses bought for me for my birthday. Before the arrival of the Artemide, the space was half taken up with a table lamp. 

*We use this table when we move our sofa from the cold living room into the dining room over the winter months and we pack our Ikea dining table underneath the sofa. Yes, we have 2 dining room tables - long story.

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