Getting better at making round firewood stacks

The familiar firewood blob landed outside our front garden a couple of months ago. We also have a lot of our own 'freebie' firewood now - every time someone's knocking down a tree in the neighbourhood, we're at the ready with our saw and gloves. But the kiln dried firewood stuff simply burns so well and smells so good, that we couldn't quite break the habit. 

As usual, wouldn't it be loverly if we could just pick up the whole bulk bag, lift it over the house and dump it on the patio on the other side? Yes it would, but we can't quite magic that up yet, so the OH had to do a couple of hours of good ol' log lugging. 

Here's the pallet foundation, so that the firewood doesn't sit on the ground, and air can circulate around the wood pile. This kiln dried stuff is so dry that it actually absorbs a lot of moisture from damp environments, but it still works for us. We'll cover it with a tarpaulin against the worst of the rain.  

 Piled, ready for action. Note the fig tree: a refugee from my cousin's Hackney roof terrace.

Stacking the stack. 

Last log. 

Leftover bark to protect and nourish our plants, or - indeed - for lighting our stove.

Now a cuppa (count the logs to notice the continuity error). 

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