Myson round top and Milano Windsor radiators bringing toasty warmth

One of the 'milestones' has been completed. We actually move the radiator in bedroom one from behind the headboard (yes, nice warm head) to the alcove. And we moved the radiator in the front room from behind the church pew to below the window.

Marking the outline with newspaper. 

Here they are: Myson type 21, round top, double panel, single convector. All 450mm high, one 1100mm long and the other 700mm long. 

That's the old radiator, still in its old location... 

...and here is the finished installation. 

Now, this one's the Milano Windsor three column radiator. 

And this one is a Myson, single panel, single convector in metric size, to replace the old one in the hallway (same dimensions). 

The Milano Windsor is leaning more or less where it will go in Bedroom 1 (the main bedroom). 

Tom and Sean measuring up in our hall. 

And the Milano Windsor installed in the bedroom. This is actually level, but it looked out of level with the picture rail, so the finished installation was tweaked a bit. 

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