Sash window refurbishment 2.0

We've had the lovely people from Mill House Window Workshop around again. This time to do some carpentry bits and bobs, but most importantly, to give some TLC to our battered sash windows at the back of the house.

Window sash panes removed.

Sash pulleys taken out so the OH could strip them.

The sill had rotten away in the past and had been part-repaired with concrete. That's all been replaced now.

Flat edges being stripped. Broken panes replaced with 'restoration' glass.

And here they are, the stripped panes back in place. We'd also asked for all new timber to be left unpainted, even without primer. So they're ready for painting with linseed oil paint. 

Note the new window sill outside. Hardwood timber, to bear the brunt of the weather. 

Stripped and refurbished sash pulleys (the OH's work). 

Very happy with the result. Will repaint the windows with linseed oil paint as soon as the weather allows.  :)

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