Keim Mineral Paints for bricks and stone - another bristle to the brush of my paint obsession

A couple of days ago I received my eagerly awaited tester pack of Keim Mineral Paints.

We'd visited their stall when we visited the Listed Property Show in February (haha, not that we own a listed property, but hey, we can pretend), and a lovely gentleman talked us through the nitty gritty. And some of their paint is a little gritty - I think from the grated minerals.

Keim have been going in the UK for years, but they only seem to sell direct, so you can't get their stuff in the DIY shop 'round the corner.

They're selling what's called 'mineral paints', which, according to their website 'form a chemical crystalline bond, effectively becoming part of the surface'.

Hence, they're the ultimate in breathability, which is what you'd want in an old, single brick-skin house, and on anything made of stone.

The samples were delivered by courier in this swish red paint bucket.

The pack contained two interior paints, Ecosil-ME and Optil. Those I want to try out on the bare brick in the loo behind the kitchen.

They'd also included an exterior paint called Soldalit and the matching primer. That'll potentially go onto our window sills that are currently painted blue (well, where the paint hasn't flaked off, that is). 

I'll report back ASAP with the results of the test patches.

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