Log Cabin Sauna Assembly - Log by Log

Hello reader. This is post three of four, and it's about the assembly of the log cabin sauna. 

The next post shows the log cabin sauna interior.
And there was this post about planning the log cabin sauna.
Then a post about how to paint the log cabin sauna.

The day has come. The log cabin sauna has arrived. 

What am I standing in front of? Is it a boat? Is it a tank? No, it's a Keops Moderna Log Cabin

Nicely wrapped up so it can withstand rain over the weekend. We had to leave most of it out on the road for a bit, as the build team was scheduled to arrive a couple of days later. 

The sauna interior parts we stored inside the house.

The insulation boards came in a separate delivery. They were stored on top of the base. 

A couple of days later, the installation team arrived too. Thank goodness - I wouldn't have wanted to put the thing together by myself. Not after looking through the 40-page parts list.


Toolboxes at the ready. 

They got to this stage so quickly, that I didn't get the chance to take pictures. 

The EPDM rubber roof membrane going on.

Beautiful floor. 

Our mistake with the dimensions meant we had to cut the fascia around the tree. Oops!

Day two of the build. 

All done. Everyone happy. 

The next post shows the log cabin sauna interior.

Now I can throw away the hundreds of drawings and measurements that I did in the process of getting here. Five years of thinking about it have now been crowned with success.  :)

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