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Lime putty limewash on lime render - it's so easy

Limewash - why would you use anything else? 

A few weekends ago, it rained, and two bags of leftover ready-mixed lime mortar got damp. So I decided to use them up to rebuild the render on the bottom foot around the back of the house and then to limewash. Scroll down if you want to see pictures of how it looked before. 
How to make limewash from lime putty To make the limewash, I used well-seasoned lime putty. Some people start with dry lime.  We had some leftover lime putty buckets that must have been at least six years old. I'm under the impression that (like a serious tipple) the more 'matured' the putty is, the better. 

First, I mixed the neat putty 50/50 with water. Make sure you wear gloves and goggles for this - lime putty is caustic and will burn your skin (I speak from experience). The putty in the bucket looked like yoghurt and had the consistency of butter. To make the limewash, I simply ladled some out into the little red container and added the same volume in …

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