The Painted House paint rollers - Christmas has come early

I've got myself a new toy.  I've been ill at home for a week with a dreadful cold and as the devil makes work for idle hands, I've done a bit of newspaper reading (thank you Grauniad), which resulted in a bit of online shopping. 

The Painted House caught my eye in the Christmas recommendations. They make paint rollers with lovely patterns for wall, wood and fabric. 

I've always been looking for something like this, as it's a traditional way to decorate walls and works well on less-than-perfect old plaster. Up 'til now, I'd been looking for stencils, but this would be much quicker, it seemed. And I like the patterns. They're often a little cheesy. 

And I have quickly tried it out before the OH comes back from work. Not that I'd be up to anything much, but he'd probably worry I'd decorate the whole house. Well it is tempting, because it's so quick...

But for now, I'm only trying these rubber paint rollers out on some cloth. 

I had some old (15 year +) textile paint sitting around in a drawer, doing nothing. They do recommend normal flat wall paint, but I thought this would be better on fabric. 

Here is the easily assembled paint roller, with the rubber roller at the top and the paint sponge foam thing at the bottom. 

A couple of old white bed sheets are to be my guinea pigs, pinned to the wall in the - as yet undecorated - bedroom two. 

Beautiful pattern. This one's called 'Tussock'

And here's one I made earlier. The Pattern is called 'Tuvi'.

As I've used textile paint, I'm ironing it hot after it's dried, to give the colour a bit more durability. 

Very nice. Now just gotta decide which walls to start on. 

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