And another chair...

On Saturday morning, I went to Ampthill, a little town in Bedfordshire that has a whole range of antique shops.

I only managed one, the Ampthill Antiques Emporium.

The place was fantastic: antiques and clutter on two floors in an old Victorian department store. The staff were constantly trying to make more space by moving sofas, fireplaces, curtains and clothes, and all that without damaging the china and crockery that was scattered everywhere.

Maybe that's why they were also all very quick and helpful when trying to guide me out of their small back yard car park (my car had been blocked by a van).

It took four people (including the lovely proprietor of the place) and me about 10 minutes (but it seemed much longer) to guide me out of that trapped position. Thank god the hire car was an automatic or I would have had a nervous breakdown.

So, anyway, we're now giving a new home to this 'piano stool' (won't be using it for that purpose though).

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